Most recent E-COMMERCE TRENDS IN DUBAI that you should know!

Current E-COMMERCE TRENDS IN DUBAI that you should know !

With extremely high rates of Internet penetration, a tech-savvy population, and a strong business infrastructure, the ultra-modern city of Dubai in the UAE is an ideal location for the start-up or expansion of an e-commerce business. Dubai has a range of E-commerce development companies to choose from.

Social distancing accelerated development in e-commerce

Ecommerce  development company in Dubai  | Social Distancing

An increasing number of customers now choose to shop online rather than visit physical stores, As the Pandemic situation demanding everyone to practice social distance to stop the spread of the virus.

According to a recent study conducted in the UAE by Dubai Police, Dubai Economy and Visa, 68 percent of participants said they have decreased physical store shopping since the beginning of the outbreak, while 49 percent are shopping more online.

Increasing trust in online payments

Ecommerce  development company in Dubai | Secure Payment

In the middle of a pandemic, carrying cash that is transferred from one person to another is not ideal. This is another reason why more individuals, including those who were initially cautious about making purchases over the Internet, began shopping online to use digital payments.

In the same report, instead of cash-on-delivery, 61 percent of customers who shop online use cards and digital wallets. The big change in UAE e-commerce can be seen here.

Smartphones and Digital Devices 

Ecommerce  development company in Dubai | Digital Device

The typical online shopper is moving from their conventional desktops to mobile devices with the introduction of the new smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices, where they can shop for items without getting out of bed. 1 out of 3 individuals in the Middle East made an online purchase from their mobile devices, according to a report.

Many savvy company owners in the UAE have now transformed their websites into responsive designs or Apps. This allows users to access their stores from smartphones without the annoyance of unnecessary scrolling and navigation or extending the pages.

Influence of Social Media in Ecommerce

Ecommerce  development company in Dubai | Social Media

The power of social media should not be sidelined when it comes to online shopping. One of the main Platforms to help clients decide what to buy and what not to buy is social media. Social networking campaigns are one of the best and cheapest ways of spreading a company’s digital exposure and increasing its online visibility. The larger the fans, the bigger the feedback companies get. 

Using a successful E-Commerce platform, Users will also be able to keep updated about the latest products, new releases and services.  Fortunately, Dubai has a number of E-commerce development companies to choose from.


The attitude of the citizens is the key reason for the rapid development of e-commerce in the country. In the UAE, the flourishing brick and mortar companies do not see online culture as a challenge and do not take it in a confrontational way. The government also totally supports, actually leads the market, and has taken several steps to harness new technology and thicken the share of the e-commerce sector in the regional economy, such as” Smart Dubai 2021″.